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...the driving force behind:

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Performing professionally since 1965

This all began when R.C. was exposed to the Delta Blues, Western Swing and Old-Time Country by his Grandfather at the age of 8. By age 11, he had started a semi-pro career as a percussionist with local concert bands and symphony orchestras. At the age of 14, he was performing in jazz clubs in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. At 15 he performed with Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops, The New England Conservatory Orchestra at Tanglewood and recorded on percussion with jazz trumpeter Bobby Hutcherson.

He began his career in Blues as a drummer with the Rhode Island band "Natural Facts"; switching to bass then to guitar. R.C. has also performed with locals Young Neal and The Vipers, and James Montgomery. After a divorce, R.C. moved to Chicago and eventually performed with the likes of Buddy Guy, Carey Bell, Big Daddy Hawkins and Roosevelt Sykes. He feels honored to have shared the stage and jammed with B. B. King, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Cray, and Albert Collins!

R.C.R.C. was chosen as producer and guitarist for Harmonicist Lee Fortier's CD "Turn It Up" in 1997 with BLUES ALLEY as the backup band. R.C. was also producer, composer and arranger for BLUES ALLEY's CD's: "Lowdown" and "Rather Be Alone".  and Daddy-O! CDs: "Starlite Drive-In", "Hardcore Fifties", "The Way I Walk" and "Crazy Little Mama as well as the premier CD of Rockabilly Teen Sensation, Brenna. All of which can be heard on radio stations around the world! CDs & individual songs are available on iTunes, Amazon and Wewecan Records.

Currently, you can hear R.C. performing with: Daddy-O!,  Blues Alley  and  Rockabilly Riot. ALL of RCs musical endeavors are to keep alive the greatest era in American Music: the Fifties. Wether he is playing the blues, rock & roll, rockabilly, doo wop or pop, the look, the sound and the atmosphere brings you back to that time.

R.C. also teaches guitar, bass, drums, percussion, voice, piano, banjo, mandolin, dobro, lap steel and violin at

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